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The safety history of LNG transportation and storage is unparalleled in the hydrocarbon industry. The pollution potential of the fuel is the lowest of any liquid fuel currently in use. However, the dramatic increase in the LNG trade over recent years has seen a rise in the demand for adequate vessels. This increase in the number of LNG vessels needs to be complemented by an increase in competent seagoing personnel.
We are providers of consulting services to the LNG. These services include:

  • STS transfer
  • CTS training
  • Sampling systems
  • Composition change monitoring
  • Operational practice
  • Operational management
  • Ship/shore compatibility
  • Tailor-made training
  • Pre-commissioning, commissioning, cool-down and start-up of a vessel
  • Review of SPA


FMC provides expert consulting services to the global refining, chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas and energy industries. We offer a broad range of management, economic, marketing, and technical services and applications. We provide services all over the world.
These services include:

  • STS transfer
  • Quantity/Quality control
  • Sampling systems
  • Change over grade
  • Loss prevention
  • P&ID monitoring

Other services

  • Charterer’s inspections for tankers
  • Risk management studies: consultancy for risk identification, risk assessment, port risk assessment.
  • Environmental consultancy: garbage handling, ballast water management, SOx/Nox emissions
  • Maritime investigations: identify maritime risks and develop solutions
  • Pre-Vetting inspections
  • Charterer’s and seller’s representative